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Light burning magnesia powder speeds up enterprise innovation and development

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Light burning magnesia powder speeds up enterprise innovation and development

Date:2017-03-11 author:Hongkai Fire Resistance click:

The market competition risk of light burnt magnesia powder binder industry can be subdivided into market risk, price risk and operation risk. First, demand risk, demand is the key factor affecting the sales of refractory binder. The size of demand is relative to the supply. With the increase of supply and the decrease of demand, sales will encounter difficulties. Second, price risk, high price of refractory binder products leads to high profit per unit area, but high price. It will seriously affect sales; the third is the operational risk, which means that due to the poor management of the developers'refractory binder development project, the expected revenue can not be realized, or the possibility of insufficient compensation for operating costs. This kind of risk is mainly attributed to the developer's subjective prediction errors and decision-making errors in development cost, rental price, development cycle and fund raising.

III. Technical Level Risk Analysis

The research and technical support of light burnt magnesia powder binder industry is insufficient. Although the current technological level can not meet the current production needs of enterprises, the industry updates slowly and lags behind the developed countries abroad.

IV. Competitive Risk Analysis of Enterprises

At present, there are two main aspects in the competition of light-burned magnesia ball and light-burned magnesia powder binder enterprises in China. One is the competition of domestic enterprises, the other is the competition of international enterprises. In the current poor economic situation, the development prospects of large enterprises are better, while small and medium-sized enterprises are facing the risk of acquisition or merger.

At present, in order to win in the market competition and not be eliminated, manufacturers of light-burnt magnesia ball and light-burnt magnesia powder binder must make every effort to exert their advantages, improve technical level and reduce production costs.

Light burnt magnesia powder