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Comprehensive renovation of magnesia heavy burning Enterprises

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Comprehensive renovation of magnesia heavy burning Enterprises

Date:2017-03-11 author:Hongkai Fire Resistance click:

Due to extensive production and operation mode, the local pollution problem is very prominent in heavy burning magnesia enterprises.

In recent years, Haicheng has invested more than 60 million yuan in pollution control of magnesia products enterprises, and the municipal heavy-burning magnesia kilns have been dealt with within a time limit, requiring all enterprises to install dust removal equipment. In terms of inspection, due to backward dedusting equipment, high operating cost and inadequate standardization of dedusting equipment used by some heavy-burning magnesia enterprises, the remaining kilns still exceed the standard discharge except the seven newly installed re-burning kilns of Houying Group and Rongfu Refractories Co., Ltd. in this year. The pollutants discharged by individual enterprises exceed the standard by three times. The problem has not been solved.

In order to implement the scientific concept of development in an all-round way, solve the pollution problem of heavy-burning magnesia enterprises, optimize the layout of enterprises, promote the coordinated development of economy and environment, and accelerate the pace of the construction of Haicheng ecological city, according to the illegal facts of heavy-burning magnesia production enterprises, according to the requirements of the Circular of the State Council on the Comprehensive Rectification and Standardization of the Order of Mineral Resources Development and the Environment of the People's Republic of China Article 39 of the Protection Law stipulates that the Haicheng Government has decided to stop production of heavy-burned magnesium enterprises whose pollution discharge does not meet the standards in the whole city. Relevant leaders of the municipal government led the personnel of relevant departments such as environmental protection, supervision, power supply, agriculture and electricity to hold on-site meetings of shutdown control in five townships of Haicheng City, Yingluo, Bali, Ma Feng and Jimu. With the strong support of the local government, 155 kilns of 24 heavy-burning magnesia enterprises whose pollution emissions did not meet the standards were shut down.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of this governance work, the Haicheng Environmental Protection Bureau strengthened the supervision of closed enterprises. They insisted on the combination of monitoring at any time and regular monitoring of closed kilns, day monitoring and night monitoring, peacetime monitoring and holiday monitoring to implement all-weather monitoring of closed kilns, and strict supervision of enterprises illegally sealed and produced without authorization. Severe punishment.

While strictly enforcing the law, the Haicheng Environmental Protection Bureau strengthens its service to the renovation enterprises, actively coordinates the scientific and technological departments at or above the municipal level to organize technical tackling and scientific and technological appraisal. It mainly demonstrates the multi-tube cyclone electrostatic precipitator of Haicheng Lantian Furnace Kiln Dust Collection Equipment Co., Ltd. and the JYC high-efficiency electrostatic precipitator of Anshan Xinke Environmental Protection Machinery Equipment Factory. 。 At the same time, the municipal government has issued a plan for the treatment of heavy burning magnesium. Most enterprises can actively contact the recommended treatment plants and sign agreements for the treatment. Up to now, Haicheng Lantian Furnace and Kiln Dust Removal Equipment Co., Ltd. has signed cooperation agreements with 13 enterprises, including 68 formal and intentional kilns and 33 sets of treatment facilities. Anshan Xinke Environmental Protection Machinery and Equipment Factory has signed cooperation agreements with 7 enterprises, 31 kilns for treatment and 12 sets of treatment facilities for installation.

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