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Green and harmless light burned magnesia powder is worth popularizing

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Green and harmless light burned magnesia powder is worth popularizing

Date:2017-03-11 author:Hongkai Fire Resistance click:

Light burnt magnesia powder is a green building material. It is environmentally friendly, can save the use of coal, oil and other materials, and has almost no harmful effect on human body. Therefore, it is a sustainable building material worthy of promotion.

The lightly burned magnesia powder, which is a good thermal insulation material, contains mineral wool, glass wool and foam plastics. Thermal insulation material manufacturers in China mainly focus on foam plastics and glass wool. But in terms of effect, mineral wool has the highest efficiency. It can effectively reduce the use of oil and keep the house warm.

Although the production of lightly burned magnesia powder is relatively stable in the world, there are few manufacturers of thermal insulation materials in China. First, because of the high price of the insulation materials used in the house, affecting the number of houses sold, so few real estate developers will use insulation materials. Second, China's construction technology needs to be improved, and the market price of thermal insulation materials is on the high side.

Thereby, there is a great space for the development of light-burnt magnesia powder as thermal insulation material in our country. With the increasingly scarce of energy, thermal insulation material will be widely used in building construction, and the technology of thermal insulation material manufacturers will continue to improve to meet future growth needs.

Light burnt magnesia powder