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First Open Bidding for Export Quota of Reburned Magnesia

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First Open Bidding for Export Quota of Reburned Magnesia

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The reburned magnesia is tendered through China International Electronic Commerce Network. An enterprise can only submit an electronic tender before the specified cut-off time. When more than two (including two) electronic tenders are successfully served by the same enterprise, the tender of the enterprise shall be deemed invalid.

Ten minutes after the bidding operation is completed, the enterprise can log on to the electronic bidding enterprise information service system of China International Electronic Commerce Network to check whether the bidding documents have been successfully received by the host computer. For the queries submitted by bidding enterprises within 30 minutes before the closure of tenders, the system can not guarantee whether the feedback of the bidding documents is successfully received by the host.

If there is any malfunction in electronic bidding, please contact the customer service hotline of China International Electronic Commerce Center at least 2 hours before the deadline for closing bidding, and troubleshoot the malfunction in time. Otherwise, the enterprise will bear its own responsibility for the failure of bidding operation.

China International Electronic Commerce Center (EDI) is responsible for technical support of electronic bidding and bidding, and EDI is responsible for explaining specific operational problems.

Telephone: 010-67870108 (Customer Service Center)

Fax: 010-67800343

V. Bidding Volume

(1) The lowest tender volume is 500 tons, and the highest tender volume is classified according to the average annual export and supply quantity of the enterprise from 2011 to 2013. The specific classification scheme is as follows:

Average Annual Export and Supply Quantity

Maximum Bidding Quantity

More than 0.4 million tons (including)

Average annual export and supply *75%

Less than 0.4 million tons

3000 tons

(2) Average annual export and supply amount = actual annual average export amount * 0.9 + actual annual average export amount / national average export unit price * 0.1

(3) All tenders whose tender volume is higher than the maximum or lower than the minimum tender volume are invalid.

VI. Minimum tender price

The lowest tender price is set in this tender. The tendering enterprise can directly receive the lowest tender price determined by the Tender Committee on the electronic tender.

All tenders below the lowest tender price level stipulated by the Tender Committee are rejected.

VII. Price and quantity of winning bid

The bidding price of all bidding enterprises is sorted from high to low, and the bidding quantity of bidding enterprises is accumulated according to the order. When the total number of bidding is equal to the total amount of bidding, the enterprises that are included in the total amount of bidding (that is, the total amount of bidding) are the winning bidding enterprises.

The number of bids won by the winning enterprise is the number of bids. If the sum of the number of tenders and the excess balance quota of the enterprises with the lowest winning bid price is excessive, the enterprises with this price will allocate the surplus quota according to the proportion of the tender quantity. If the number of bids won by an enterprise is less than the minimum number of bids, it shall be treated as non-successful.

The winning price of an enterprise is the tender price of an enterprise.

VIII. Query of the Winning Bid Result

The tender will be opened at 10:00 on Dec. 10, 2014, and the next day the preliminary winning results will be announced on China International Electronic Commerce Network. If the bidding enterprise has any doubt, it may submit it it to the tendering office before 15:00 on December 12. From December 15, all bidding enterprises can inquire through China International Electronic Commerce Network about the successful bidding situation officially announced by the Tender Committee after examination. The Bidding Office will no longer issue a written Notice of Acceptance to the enterprises.

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