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Storage Method of Light-burned Magnesium Powder

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Storage Method of Light-burned Magnesium Powder

Date:2017-03-14 author:Hongkai Fire Resistance click:

Storage Method of Light-burned Magnesium Powder

1. The storage environment of light burnt magnesia powder is the most basic. The storage environment must be kept dry and ventilated, and a plastic film must be laid between the product and the ground to insulate the water vapor.

2. Packing should be sealed well. Open the used ones and seal them in time.

3. Placing lime blocks after palletizing is another way to prevent moisture absorption of light burnt magnesia powder and decrease its activity.

4. Because of the stronger moisture absorption of calcium oxide, it is very effective to place calcium oxide in the warehouse as a moisture reducing agent to reduce the humidity of the warehouse.

5. Light burnt magnesia powder has a shelf life. So don't save too much at one time, because even if the moistureproof measures are well done, after a long time, light burnt magnesia powder will inevitably deteriorate.

Light burnt magnesia powder