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Steady Promotion of Reburned Magnesia Industry

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Steady Promotion of Reburned Magnesia Industry

Date:2017-03-14 author:Hongkai Fire Resistance click:

The heavy burning magnesia industry has completed investment. The iron and steel industry has 14 projects, including Anshan 5 million tons of fine plate base and cold-rolled silicon steel sheet project, Jinshan color plate Co., Ltd. galvanized color plate project, Anshan Jidong Cement Co., Ltd. 1.4 million tons of cement clinker, and completed investment of 6.48 billion yuan, accounting for 73.8% of the total investment. The product processing industry includes 20 projects such as talc masterbatch of Haicheng Fuhai Company, magnesia brick production line of Haicheng Haiying Company and magnesite Industrial Park of Xiuyan Pianling Town. The investment is 960 million yuan, accounting for 11% of the total investment. Light textile industry includes Haicheng Textile Industrial Park, Haicheng Houying Group Soybean Deep Processing Phase II Project, Wandashan (Anshan) Dairy Company 100,000 tons of liquefied milk and other 20 projects, which have completed investment of 700 million yuan, accounting for 8% of the total investment. Equipment manufacturing industry includes heavy equipment of Angang Machinery Manufacturing Company and Liaoning Haino Group. Fifteen projects, including large concrete mixing station, environmental protection industrial base of Tongfang Anshan in Tsinghua and large linear vibrating screen in Anshan Heavy Mine Machinery Plant, have been started. The completed investment amounted to 640 million yuan, accounting for 7.3% of the total completed investment.

Initial results of structural adjustment

Last year, the ratio of pipe to pipe reached 83%, the ratio of high value-added special materials reached 56.4%, which was 12.4 percentage points higher than that of last year. 70% of the products'physical quality reached the international advanced level, which was 2.6 percentage points higher than that of the same period last year. It ranked the eighth most internationally competitive steel enterprise in the world. Local iron and steel industry has ended the history of no plate production, H-section steel, automobile rim steel, large-scale pipe and other products began to become the leading products of local iron and steel industry, and began to get rid of the situation of small-scale and low-grade products. The processing industry of mineral products, especially magnesite products, has improved significantly in product quality and technical content. It has developed from light and heavy burned magnesia products only at the primary level to more than 200 kinds of products such as high purity magnesia, magnesia-carbon brick, magnesia-alumina brick, magnesia-chrome brick and amorphous refractories with high grade. At the same time, the scale of enterprises has been expanding. There are 10 enterprises with sales revenue of magnesium products exceeding 100 million yuan in the city. A number of large enterprises such as Haiyang General Plant, Houying Group, Western Group, ZTE Group and Fengchi Group have risen. The processing and manufacturing capacity of equipment manufacturing industry has been gradually enhanced. With the application of 8000 tons of hydraulic press, 250 boring machine and large numerical control milling machine in Angang Machinery Company, it has begun to have the ability to produce large-scale metallurgical iron and steel complete sets of equipment, large-scale cement equipment and large-scale hydropower supporting equipment. Deep processing of agricultural and sideline products grew the fastest, with value added increasing by 50.2% and textile industry by 30.5% year-on-year. The quality and grade of products have been further improved.

Exports of foreign trade doubled

In the first ten months of last year, $380 million of foreign capital was directly utilized by "one base and three major industries" contracts, accounting for 87.5% of the total contractual foreign capital in the whole city, an increase of 92% over the same period of last year, while $110 million of foreign capital was actually transferred, accounting for 65% of the total foreign capital in the whole city and an increase of 68.9% over the same period of last year. Last year, four major industrial projects were used as carriers, focusing on the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta and actively introducing intra-regional funds. In the first ten months, there were 82 visiting groups. In the second half of the year, we successfully organized and participated in four large-scale national and provincial exhibitions, including the Third China International Manufacturing Exposition and the First Magnesium Products International Exposition. Up to now, 30 domestic contracts have been signed, with a total amount of 5.5 billion yuan and 560 million yuan of funds in place. In the first ten months, exports of "one base and three major industries" doubled, and export delivery value reached 7.62 billion yuan, an increase of 1.3 times over the same period last year.

Industrial Strength Increased Significantly

In 2004, "One Base and Three Major Industries" is expected to invest 10 billion yuan. Anshan Iron and Steel Company 800,000 tons of silicon steel sheet, Jidong Cement 1.4 million tons of clinker, Haicheng East Four-type steel production line and other iron and steel projects, heavy equipment manufacturing projects of Anshan Iron and Steel Machinery Manufacturing Corporation, new refractories of Haicheng Xinrong Group, deep processing projects of mineral products such as Big Crystal Electric Fused Magnesium of Sujia North New Materials Co., Ltd. have been put into production successively. This year, sales revenue can be increased by 1.2 million yuan. In addition, Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has promoted the construction of high-quality plate base in Western China. This year, the output of iron, steel and steel reached 13.7 million tons, 13 million tons and 11 million tons, respectively, with a net increase of 2.2 million tons, 1.7 million tons and 400,000 tons, which will play a greater role in the economic growth of the city this year.

Last year, the growth mode of "one base and three major industries" changed, which laid the foundation for the economic growth of the whole city this year. Anshan Iron and Steel Co. has invested in two 3200 cubic meters of modern large blast furnaces with high efficiency and energy saving, as well as the world's leading 300 MW cycle generating units, 300,000 cubic meters of dry blast furnace gas control cabinet and secondary energy recovery projects. It is expected that industrial energy consumption will be reduced by more than 3% this year and 600,000 tons of standard coal will be saved. The normal operation of Xidagou Sewage Treatment and Utilization Project in Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and the completion and commissioning of the project invested 100 million yuan in mineral processing sewage treatment and utilization will enable the recycling utilization rate of industrial water to reach 90% this year, ensure the need of water resources in enterprises, and reduce the production cost of enterprises.

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