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Major breakthroughs have been made in the treatment of medium-grade magnesia pollution

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Major breakthroughs have been made in the treatment of medium-grade magnesia pollution

Date:2017-03-14 author:Hongkai Fire Resistance click:

During the development and production of medium-grade magnesia, the smoke and dust pollution of magnesia kiln also brought serious problems to Xiuyan Man.

Environmental pollution disaster. For a long time, the large amount of smoke and dust released from magnesia kiln not only deteriorates the quality of atmospheric environment, but also endangers people.

People's health, and farmland, mountain forests, fruit trees, vegetables and other crops have also caused serious pollution, farmers on the.

This complaint is loud.

In order to solve the problem of smoke and dust pollution in magnesia kilns, Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County government has made many attempts. For many years, first

After that, water gas transformation, secondary air test, oxygen enrichment and combustion, additive combustion and briquette substitution were carried out.

No ideal results were obtained. Because of the shortage of funds and the difficulty in finding the treatment technology, this pollution problem has been a problem for many years.

It hangs in the air.

At the beginning of 1999, Xiuyan County Government decided to take the smoke and dust control of light burning magnesia kiln in Xingsheng Magnesium Products Factory of Pianling as an example.

In the Fan Project, the technology of gas producer, which has been proved by many investigations, is used to control smoke and dust pollution. That is to say, coal will be produced by gas-making technology.

Converting to gas and burning after gasification is the most scientific way to solve the problem of dust pollution in light-burning magnesia kiln. after

After investigation, construction, equipment installation and commissioning, the renovation project was successfully ignited on 7 October last year.

Up to now, the plant has been in normal production for six months and has achieved remarkable environmental, economic and social benefits.

Benefit. The smoke concentration and Lingman blackness of the reformed kiln are lower than the national secondary standard, and the output of each kiln is from the original one every day.

From 9 tons to 11 tons, the annual output can be increased by 600 tons per ton of magnesia powder by 10 months of production.

Fuel costs have also been reduced by 20 yuan, and the normal production of each kiln in the whole year can increase economic benefits by 66,000 yuan. At the same time, work

People's working environment has also been greatly improved, and the intensity of labor has also been greatly reduced.

On May 11, a reporter in Xingsheng Magnesium Products Factory saw that after ignition and combustion of the retrofitted light-burning magnesia kiln, the chimney had already been burned.

No more smoke. Chen, a boiler worker who works here, told reporters, "Compared with the old kiln burning in the past, we can do that."

It saves energy. It used to be hard to breathe after a day's work. Now it's all right. There's basically no pollution.

He pointed to the sky and said to the reporter, "Didn't you see that when the old kiln was burned, it was smoke all over the sky and the villagers around it were in summer?"

Dare not open the window, washed clothes dare not take out to dry, this is good, these problems are basically solved.

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