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Main greening of 1000 mu barren hill in middle grade magnesia placer mine

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Main greening of 1000 mu barren hill in middle grade magnesia placer mine

Date:2017-03-14 author:Hongkai Fire Resistance click:

Song Maochun, the owner of medium-grade magnesia placer mine, was distressed to see the mountain forests destroyed by mining. He resolutely began to plant trees. Two years ago, he contracted nearly 1,000 mu of barren hills in Xiuyan and became the most famous afforestation champion. On the 11th, facing an interview with reporters, Song Maochun said in his heart: "At the beginning, many mountains and forests were destroyed, but now it is a kind of atonement!"

Song Maochun, a Dashiqiao man, has been mining in Dashiqiao for more than ten years. In 2002, he invested more than 6 million yuan in Anle Village, Xiuyan Sanjiazi Town, to build Haian Magnesium Sand Mine. A year later, mines with some vegetation became bare. Two foreign businessmen came to talk about business in succession that year. They shook their heads at the sight of such a harsh environment. In early 2003, Song Maochun began afforestation.

Song Maochun first planted trees up and down in his mine. In summer, the green trees became a unique landscape. Song Maochun was not satisfied with this. When he returned from his work in Heilongjiang Province, he saw the dense forests in the Great Hinggan Mountains and felt deeply: "The forests in the Great Hinggan Mountains are very good, while the trees on Xiuyan Mountains are relatively small. I want to plant some good trees." Song Maochun spent more than 200,000 yuan to contract 1,000 mu of barren hills near the mine, and spent more than 100,000 yuan to buy high-quality Japanese larch seedlings for planting, and hired people for special management. Many people asked him, incomprehensibly, that other mine owners were not greening. Did you spend so much money? Song Maochun laughed and answered, "We have destroyed enough before. We have to think about it for future generations."

Two years later, Song Maochun has contracted more than one Larch on the mountain. To Song Maochun's surprise, business is getting better and better because of the change of environment. Last autumn, a foreign businessman from Australia came to Song Maochun's mine to talk about business. He saw the green trees all over the mountains and took a big picture with his digital camera. The business went smoothly. Foreign businessmen signed a contract with Song Maochun to supply 40,000 tons of light burnt magnesia powder every year. This contract can bring at least millions of yuan of profit to Song Maochun every year. Today Song Maochun's light burnt magnesia powder is exported to Australia and many European countries.

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