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Medium-grade magnesia technology research passed expert acceptance

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Medium-grade magnesia technology research passed expert acceptance

Date:2017-03-14 author:Hongkai Fire Resistance click:

Research and Development of Medium-grade Magnesia Production Technology "has passed the acceptance of experts in Changsha City, and the technology is in the leading international level.

The successful completion of the project has solved many key technical wood problems in the development and production of high-purity magnesia from Salt Lake magnesium resources in China. The products developed by the project have the characteristics of good quality and low production cost. Through the pilot test of 100 tons per year, the magnesia products produced by the project undertaker reached 99.94% MgO content, 3.43 g/cm3 volume density, and the production cost was less than 3000 yuan/ton. The intermediate products produced by the project had high purity, large particle size and low moisture content of filter cake (about 12%). The process technology was innovative. The amount of waste discharged during the implementation of the project is less, and the environmental protection measures proposed meet the requirements. The project provides the main technical and economic data for industrial production test.

Medium grade magnesia