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"Three Rates" Index of Light Burned Magnesium Powder

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"Three Rates" Index of Light Burned Magnesium Powder

Date:2017-03-14 author:Hongkai Fire Resistance click:

Recent progress in resource saving and comprehensive utilization of light-burned magnesia powder. Reporters learned from the meeting that the Ministry of Land and Resources has completed 27 mineral "three-rate" indicators, in accordance with the principle of full coverage of important mineral species, "thirteenth five-year plan" period will continue to study and formulate 25 mineral "three-rate" indicators requirements, for enterprises to mine mineral resources delimit the "red line".

Yu Haifeng, Director of Mineral Resources and Reserves Department of the Ministry of Land and Resources, said that the "three-rate" status of 22 important minerals in China, such as coal, oil and iron, has been identified and the mine database has been basically completed. Compared with the results of the sampling survey conducted by the Ministry of Land and Resources in 1999, the development of light-burned magnesia powder coal mining and dressing is the fastest. The recovery rate of coal mining area and raw coal has increased by more than 15 percentage points; the recovery rate of ferrous metal minerals has increased by 5.67 percentage points; and the recovery rate of non-ferrous metal minerals has generally increased.

It is reported that in order to strengthen the supervision of the rational development and utilization of mineral resources and establish a scientific and reasonable index system, the Ministry of Land and Resources standardized and unified the "mining recovery rate, mineral processing recovery rate and comprehensive utilization rate" of mineral resources as the industry evaluation index, and studied and formulated the "three-rate" index requirements of 27 minerals. In addition, the Ministry of Land and Resources has vigorously promoted advanced and applicable technologies for the conservation and comprehensive utilization of mineral resources. In the past four years, it has issued four batches of 210 advanced and applicable technologies covering mining, mineral processing and comprehensive utilization in various fields such as energy, metals and non-metals. Among them, oil and gas resources focus on the promotion of ultra-heavy oil reservoir, high water cut reservoir and low permeability reservoir efficient mining technology, estimated to increase the recoverable reserves of nearly 2.7 billion tons; metal minerals mainly promote filling mining, ultra-fine ore crushing, low-grade resources, efficient mineral processing and waste comprehensive utilization technology, it is estimated that 6 billion tons of refractory iron ore resources will be effectively utilized. At the same time, the Ministry of Land and Resources has reformed the way of supervision and management of exploration and exploitation of mining rights holders, established the system of publicity of exploration and exploitation information of mining rights holders, strengthened credit constraints, improved the efficiency of supervision, and gradually made the saving and comprehensive utilization of mineral resources become the conscious behavior of mining rights holders.

Yu Haifeng said that during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the Ministry of Land and Resources will continue to study and develop "three-rate" indicators for 25 minerals. This year, the Ministry has deployed research work on six minerals: lithium, strontium, barite, boron, limestone and magnesite. The Ministry of Land and Resources will follow up the implementation of the published "three-rate" indicators.

Light burnt magnesia powder