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Comprehensive Utilization of Mid-grade Magnesia

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Comprehensive Utilization of Mid-grade Magnesia

Date:2017-03-14 author:Hongkai Fire Resistance click:

In recent years, mid-grade magnesia production enterprises have launched energy-saving projects through technological innovation. Sang Zhenchang, director of Dashiqiao Science and Technology Bureau, said that in recent years, Yao Shengduo's company not only produces high-purity light magnesium oxide, but also recovers high-purity carbon dioxide by using waste slag as raw material and adopting patented technology of out-of-furnace heating.

Coincidentally, Dashiqiao Qunyi Group, in cooperation with Beijing University of Science and Technology, grinds low-grade magnesite ore into powder, and turns low-grade ore into rich ore by removing silicon, aluminium and iron. Sang Zhenchang introduced that with this production method, the cost per ton of products has increased by about 35 yuan, but the price of finished products has risen, and can be sold to 120-150 yuan in the market. In a comprehensive calculation, the profit per ton can be more than 100 yuan.

In cooperation with Dalian University of Technology, Qinghua Refractories Co., Ltd. carried out large-scale technological transformation of 13 ultra-high temperature tunnel kilns one by one while recovering carbon dioxide. The waste heat was recovered for heating and drying of finished products, which saved energy and reduced costs.

Boron ore is another mineral resource in Dashiqiao City. Boron mud formed in the production of boric acid and borax pollutes groundwater and surrounding plants. Wherever boron cement flows, there will be no grass. Liaoke Dongda Chemical Co., Ltd. has invested 30 million yuan in the production of light magnesium carbonate widely used in medicine, aerospace and aerospace industry with boron sludge as raw material in cooperation with a college in Liaoning Province. Sang Zhenchang said that the high-tech project will digest 100,000 tons of boron mud and produce 25,000 tons of light magnesium carbonate annually, with an annual output value of over 100 million yuan.

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