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Reducing Pollutant Discharge in Reburned Magnesia Industry

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Reducing Pollutant Discharge in Reburned Magnesia Industry

Date:2017-03-14 author:Hongkai Fire Resistance click:

Re-burning magnesia industry renovates low-efficiency coal-fired industrial furnaces, and implements a three-year renovation plan for industrial pits. Since this year, Haicheng and Xiuyan have planned to carry out technical renovation and equipment renovation of magnesia kilns for heavy and light burning, so as to reduce coal consumption and dust emission. Technical renovation was carried out on 61 85 steel rolling and forging heating furnaces in urban areas, and 14 and 24 sets of obsolete coal-fired boilers and old inefficient dust collectors were renewed respectively to reduce SO2 emissions. At the same time, we should increase the use and production of clean coal, continue to promote the use of qualified industrial briquettes, coal water slurry, clean coal and sulfur fixing agents, and prohibit the use of coal with sulfur content greater than 0.8% and ash content greater than 20% in the city. This year, 50,000 tons of industrial sulphur-fixing briquette will be produced.

At the same time, we will vigorously develop industrial enterprises with low energy consumption, low emissions and high added value, raise the market access threshold, strictly restrict the examination and approval of iron and steel production projects, chemical projects, paper-making and printing and dyeing projects with large coal-burning and prominent pollution, optimize the industrial structure and reduce structural pollution. Municipal governments and relevant departments will seize the large energy-consuming households, in accordance with the requirements of the national assessment of energy consumption reduction in GDP, to ensure the completion of the annual reduction target of 5%. We will strengthen supervision over energy conservation and consumption reduction in more than 30 enterprises that consume more than 10,000 tons of energy annually, take effective measures to strictly control the growth of total coal-fired volume, and plan to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions.

Last year, sulfur dioxide emissions from metallurgical, thermal power, magnesia and mining industries accounted for 73% of the total city. Our city will comprehensively implement emission reduction control projects for key industries and enterprises that discharge pollutants. Firstly, we should promote the construction of pollution control facilities with the focus on Angang, control the discharge of large polluters, accelerate the construction of emission reduction facilities such as sintering, power plants and industrial wastewater treatment in an all-round way in accordance with national regulations, and complete and exceed the emission reduction plan. This year, we plan to complete the maintenance and renovation of sulphur bed in No. 2 Power Generation, Wanhai Energy and Anshan Wheel, and put it into operation. We will implement the desulphurization projects of No. 1 Boiler of No. 1 Central Power Station, No. 1 Unit of No. 2 Power Generation, Anshan Thermoelectric New Materials and Qidashan Iron Mine Thermoelectric Branch of Anshan Iron Mine.

At the same time, we will speed up the construction of municipal domestic sewage and industrial wastewater treatment facilities and complete the task of sewage treatment plant construction on time. During the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period, eight key water pollution control projects, including the construction of municipal domestic sewage treatment plants, are planned to be implemented. It is estimated that chemical oxygen demand will be reduced by 28.2 million tons.

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