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Supply and demand situation of mid-grade magnesia

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Supply and demand situation of mid-grade magnesia

Date:2017-03-14 author:Hongkai Fire Resistance click:

The consumption of medium-grade magnesia is mainly in the form of its processed products - magnesia and light burnt magnesia. In recent years, our country produces magnesia by magnesite about 3 million tons annually and light burnt magnesia about 600 000 tons annually. These products are mainly used in metallurgical industry, cement and building materials industry and export. Magnesia for metallurgy accounts for about 1/3, building materials and cement account for 10%~20%, and exports account for about 50%. Magnesite is one of the most important export products in China. In 1995, it exported 120,000 tons of magnesite, 1.48 million tons of heavy burned magnesia and 388,000 tons of light burned magnesia (table below). Due to the influence of the international market, magnesite export volume varies greatly every year. Statistics on the import and export of magnesite related products (t) From the current consumption situation of magnesite, China's iron and steel industry and other industrial sectors need nearly 1.1 million tons of magnesite and 240,000 tons of light-burned magnesia annually, totaling 134,000 tons. According to 23 tons of magnesite or light-burned magnesite refractory ore, a total of 3.8 million tons of magnesite are needed. From the current production capacity of 7 million tons of magnesite and the output of 6-7 million tons of magnesite annually, it is not only possible. Guarantee domestic demand and export in large quantities

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