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Development Trend of Light Burned Magnesium Powder

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Development Trend of Light Burned Magnesium Powder

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Development Trend of Light Burned Magnesium Powder

With the rapid development of refractory industry, the equipment level of key refractory enterprises is constantly improving. At the same time, refractory industry shoulders the arduous task of how to adapt to the technological progress and rapid development of steel, cement, glass, non-ferrous metals and other industries. Refractories in China have basically formed an industrial system of scientific research, design, production and application after years of development. It has played an important role in the development of China's industry. However, there is still a big gap between China's refractory industry and foreign countries, mainly in two aspects.

The transformation of scientific research achievements into industrialized slow refractories is an important basic material for iron and steel, cement, glass, non-ferrous metals and other industries. The technological progress of high-temperature kilns has promoted the development of refractories in terms of varieties and quality. Many scientific and technological achievements have been achieved through national scientific and technological research projects and Industry Research projects. Many achievements have been transformed under the circumstances of market demand. However, the transformation speed of some scientific and technological achievements with high technology content, difficulty in production and relatively high added value of technology is relatively slow, and the ability of mass production is delayed, which does not serve the development of high temperature industry in time.

Refractories enterprises are small in scale and poorly equipped. China's refractory industry has mainly developed from the "Sixth Five-Year Plan". Since the 1980s, with the scientific and technological achievements of refractories, cattle production has been transformed. A batch of fixed-point production industries have gradually emerged. Under the situation of China's reform and opening up, many enterprises of one variety often produce at the same time, forming a situation of low-level duplication. Most of these enterprises are small in scale, backward in production equipment, and their original scientific and technological achievements have been simply changed and lost their original scientific and technological characteristics. In addition, a large number of enterprises compete in disorder, competing to lower prices, resulting in jerry-building as a means of reducing costs, resulting in backward equipment, product quality is small and stable situation more serious. It's worrying.

In recent years, China's refractory industry has been developing towards a trend of decreasing output, improving quality and increasing varieties. Specific performance: on the one hand, the main users of refractories, such as steel, cement, glass, non-ferrous metals and other industries, have put forward higher quality and seed requirements for refractories. On the other hand. In the fierce price competition, these industries have put forward severe requirements to reduce the cost of refractories per ton of products, resulting in the rapid development and research of new high-quality products with greater investment in the refractory industry to meet and meet the needs of these industries.

Light burnt magnesia powder