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Structural Adjustment of Light-burned Magnesium Powder

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Structural Adjustment of Light-burned Magnesium Powder

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Structural Adjustment of Light-burned Magnesium Powder

At present and in the next ten years, for the refractory industry in Zhongwei, it will be a period of innovation, research and development, education, management and investment through structural optimization, enterprise group and variety structure adjustment, which will be the key to the vitality and success of refractory industry in the future. In order to make the refractory industry develop rapidly and healthily, the following aspects should be done well: 1. Establishing a platform for the transformation of refractory science and technology achievements. Accelerate the industrialization process; (2) Develop high-quality and long-life high-grade refractories, reduce and eliminate the proportion of low-barrier refractories; Promote new high-quality thermal insulation refractories; Promote high-temperature and high-quality refractories, such as high-purity magnesia, magnesia-chromium, magnesia-alumina and amorphous castable refractories in metallurgy and building materials industries; (3) Develop and improve the level of refractory equipment, and build refractories. Establish energy consumption standards for cattle production of refractory products. Establish barriers for refractory industry and access to restrict the elimination of backward production capacity. _Take the road of "green refractory" development. _Strengthen the management of refractory raw materials exploitation and use, and adopt licensing system. Making full use of refractory raw material resources, integrating refractory industry resources and actively promoting the adjustment of refractory industry structure.

Recent domestic economic situation is not very good, and after recent years of development, the era of violence in refractories has come to an end. Low value-added refractory industry threshold is low, unless there is a better way, otherwise not very profitable, high value-added competition is also fierce, this industry is mainly used in the iron and steel metallurgical industry, steel mills overcapacity, refractories as a whole is oversupply, everybody's life is not very good, but also in low prices to retain old customers, and actively seek. For industries other than steel industry. General Contracting of Refractories is a Direction for the Future Development of Refractories

In short. Facing the present situation of refractory industry in China, China's refractory industry must be guided by the domestic and foreign market, meet the needs of high temperature industry development in variety, quality and quantity, aim at the world's advanced science and technology of refractory, constantly improve the industry's independent technological innovation ability, and strive to build refractory production process and variety series with Chinese characteristics, so as to better serve steel and iron. Cement, glass, non-ferrous metals and other industry services. Give its industry development escort, do its most solid backing.

Light burnt magnesia powder