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Light burnt magnesia powder has become a hot topic of refractories

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Light burnt magnesia powder has become a hot topic of refractories

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Light burnt magnesia powder has become a hot topic of refractories

With the development of science and technology, the importance of fire prevention has been raised to a higher level, and the research on refractory products has begun. Refractory products refer to a kind of high-tech chemical materials which can resist high temperature, insulate heat sources and block the spread of fire sources. At present, refractory products are not only used in fire prevention, but also in iron and steel manufacturing, ceramic production, boiler manufacturing, power industry, military industry and so on. Therefore, refractory products play an indispensable role in the production and development of high temperature industry. The commonly used refractory products are mainly clay with silicon dioxide and aluminium trioxide as the main components, refractory fibers with fire-resistant and heat-insulating function, and the main components are silicate, graphite, alumina, silicon carbide refractories, etc.

In ancient times, there was always a special person who repeatedly emphasized "dry days, careful candles" in the night. It can be seen that the ancient superiors paid great attention to fire prevention. Just because of the insufficient scientific development at that time, people only knew that clay and water could fire and extinguish fire. So in ancient times, there were clay figures in many buildings, small buildings must have water storage devices, large and medium-sized buildings must be equipped with pools or other artificial waters, and urban-scale buildings generally have moats. Because people in ancient times knew little about refractories, they could only do so much.

In the petrochemical industry, the material of refining equipment must be insensitive to thermal expansion, cold shrinkage, good thermal conductivity, good heat resistance, and can withstand acid-alkali corrosion and salt corrosion. In view of this working environment, vigorous research is carried out to produce a neutral refractory material, which is specially used in the petrochemical industry, while in some electric industries. Furnace and metal refining industry need a kind of material which has good resistance to alkaline waste slag and iron, as well as higher resistance to high temperature than clay and silicon brick. Professional researchers have successfully manufactured an alkaline material which can meet these conditions through changing the formula of the material and numerous experiments. Some working environments are acidic. It is necessary for materials to withstand both high temperature and acid corrosion, so people devote themselves to the research and production of acid refractories.

In many special industries, more different materials are needed. For example, in the high temperature inorganic coating industry and fiber reinforced ceramic industry, special refractories are needed.

Light burnt magnesia powder