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The status of light burnt magnesia powder as refractory is very important

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The status of light burnt magnesia powder as refractory is very important

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The status of light burnt magnesia powder as refractory is very important

With the development of science and technology, people's knowledge of the nature of materials has increased to a higher level, and began to focus on the study of the nature of materials. Refractories are a kind of high-tech chemical materials which can resist high temperature, insulate heat sources and block the spread of fire sources. At present, refractory products are not only used in fireproofing, but also in iron and steel industry, ceramic production, boiler manufacturing, power industry, military industry and so on. Therefore, refractory products play an indispensable role in the production and development of high temperature industry. The commonly used refractories are mainly clay with silicon dioxide and aluminium trioxide as the main components, refractory fibers with high temperature resistance and heat insulation. The main components are silicate, graphite, alumina, silicon carbide refractories and so on.

Nowadays, energy problem is one of the hot topics in society. Many experts often discuss how to change the problem of excessive energy exploitation, low comprehensive utilization rate, improper ore processing and serious waste. Refractories are also one of the energy sources. They also face the same problems, which test the adjustment ability of the relevant staff.

Refractories have been developed for thousands of years. During this period, people's understanding of refractories has been constantly renovated, methods have been constantly thought out and new technologies have been studied. The utilization rate of refractories has been improved. Choosing the most suitable technology to process raw ores can minimize waste and bring more benefits to people.

Because of the characteristics of material itself, it has an irreplaceable position in many industries. For example, refractories have a strong ability to withstand high temperature, which makes them perform well in many high-temperature areas, such as metal forging industry, electronic processing industry, equipment manufacturing and military industry. It is precisely because of its unique function that it is used in many industries. Only then can people be interested in it, vigorously study it, and constantly improve it.

Refractories - Refractories, in short, are manufactured products that can withstand high temperatures. Under the high temperature environment for a long time, the refractory products are called refractory products, which are repeatedly damaged by high temperature and can not deform and crack. It can be any shape, often used in high temperature environment for a long time. For special reasons of different industries, it can be customized refractory products. This company not only produces refractory products but also sells them. At the same time, it also produces and sells some other products. The technology is quite mature and stable.

Light burnt magnesia powder