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Developing reburned magnesia powder

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Developing reburned magnesia powder

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Developing reburned magnesia powder

Orderly placed goods, clear visual signs, accurate transmission of information, smooth logistics production line... Recently, the bulk material business department has made great efforts to promote the standardization of site management by learning from the management model and advanced experience of Vesuvius Company through benchmarking.

After optimizing storage capacity, scientific planning and resetting, the Ministry will classify all raw materials and products, place them in a designated location, and distribute symmetrical "identity cards", which will not allow the occurrence of "Zhangguan Li Dai". It is not easy for the bulk material department with more than 100 raw materials, 50 products and high frequency and large volume of incoming and outgoing materials to make no mistakes at all. The method is always more difficult than the difficulty. The Ministry actively uses its brains to make good use of the storage capacity. More kinds and less location will increase the utilization rate of warehouse and site turnover rate, and timely update the "identity" information; products update quickly, we need to do more experiments, think more ways to improve the utilization rate of raw materials, timely and effective treatment of stalled materials and products...

By vigorously promoting the standardization of site management, not only improves the cleanliness of the site, but also more effectively improves the production efficiency, and avoids the occurrence of misuse and misdiscovery.

While we rejoice in our achievements, we should clearly see our own gaps and shortcomings. Industry advantages and core competitiveness are lacking, and profitability needs to be improved; labor costs are high, and product costs still have a lot of room to fall; key areas of reform are not thorough, institutional mechanisms are not flexible enough; there are weak links in basic management, and the level of management refinement needs to be improved urgently. Although the situation is grim and difficult, there are also some favorable factors. The national "one belt and one way" strategy has provided a new platform for the company to expand its international cooperation; the reorganization of the two steel has provided strategic opportunities for the company to enter the new market; the harsh market environment has led to the elimination of a number of competitive and refractory enterprises, and will also help the company further expand the external market. Therefore, we should not only have a high sense of urgency, but also maintain self-confidence and high morale. There are many difficulties, but it is not difficult to speed up the transformation; there are many clues, and only by adhering to the main line of development can there be clues. No matter how complex the situation is, we must grasp that the development of transformation is not relaxed, overcome difficulties by transformation, solve problems by benchmarking, achieve breakthroughs by focusing on outward, and find the fundamental way out by development.

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