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Medium grade magnesia should be improved in quality

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Medium grade magnesia should be improved in quality

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Medium grade magnesia should be improved in quality

We should make full use of the platform of the World Refractories Association, actively participate in activities, strengthen contacts, exchanges and communications with international trade organizations, and create conditions for Chinese refractory enterprises to go abroad to carry out international exchanges and cooperation.

On the basis of overcoming difficulties and ensuring the normal order of production and operation, the conference also hopes that all member enterprises will give strong support to the comprehensive knowledge training, the International Conference on refractories, the work network of the National Refractories Association and the compilation and publication of the second part of the Yearbook of the China Refractories Convention, which will be organized by the Association in 2017, so as to jointly promote the work of the Association to a higher level.

It was pointed out that we should objectively and calmly deal with the impact of the complex and changeable domestic and foreign economic situation on China's refractory industry. In particular, we should clearly understand and face the unsustainable industrial development mode of China's refractory industry, which is large but not strong, large but not excellent, and which has long relied on the input of resources, capital and labor to support the growth of operating efficiency and the expansion of production scale. Cruel reality. Faced with the situation that the national refractory output has entered the downward channel and will continue to decline, we must and can only adjust the management strategy and determine our output based on market orientation. It is also necessary and responsible to overcome difficulties to ensure the supply of refractories for downstream industries and jointly promote the healthy development of China's high temperature industry. We must consciously abide by the rules and regulations, strive to eliminate unfair competition, jointly safeguard the market order of refractories at home and abroad, and safeguard the overall interests of the refractory industry.

The meeting requires the Secretariat of the association to adapt to the new normal and lead the new normal in accordance with the spirit of the working meeting of the president and the three enlarged meetings of the seventh board of directors. While earnestly fulfilling the functions of industry production statistics, strengthening the dynamic monitoring of industry production and operation, guiding industry innovation, improving quality and efficiency, we should conscientiously and firmly organize patience in accordance with the requirements of deepening reform and increasing responsibilities and obligations of associations to meet market demand and provide timely service to member units and refractory enterprises. The drafting and revision of group standards for refractory products. We should actively create conditions, give full play to the resource advantages of the Association's expert committee, organize specialized forces, undertake and organize as soon as possible the evaluation of scientific and technological research and development achievements in refractories and related fields, and accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological research and development achievements in refractories. In accordance with the requirements of SASAC and MOFCOM, we should continue to promote the construction of industry credit and organize the preliminary and re-evaluation of the second round of credit rating evaluation of refractory enterprises.

Medium grade magnesia