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Blending of Light Sintered Magnesium Powder

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Blending of Light Sintered Magnesium Powder

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Matters needing attention in operation and maintenance of mixer

1. During the running of the mill, it should keep stable and no periodic severe vibration. If abnormal runout is found, it is necessary to check whether there are iron and other impurities in the material.

2. The temperature of each lubrication point and bearing should not be higher than 65 degree C.

3. There is no abnormal fluctuation of motor current.

4. When the materials and bricks are changed, the materials must be cleaned to prevent mixing.

5. When the binder is added, it should not be directly contacted with the metal parts in order to prevent adhesion.

6. Attention should be paid to the wear of scraper and discharging plate. If the clearance between scraper and chassis is too large, it should be adjusted in time. If there is dead angle and dead material layer in the mixer, it should be eliminated in time.

Disadvantage of domestic mill: the machine is operated manually.

It can not automatically determine the amount of material residue in the machine, and control the rotation speed and mixing time at any time, automatically adjust the height of planetary shovel and side scraper. As a result, there are often insufficient mixing and milling, inexhaustible discharging and dead angle in the machine.

Three stages of mixing process

1. In the rapid mixing stage, different particles move rapidly and the uniformity is improved rapidly.

2. In the diffusion mixing stage, some particles diffuse into other material flows, even aggregates.

3. In the over-mixing stage, segregation, agglomeration and kneading occur, more particles are crushed, and the original particle size distribution has changed greatly.

Purpose of mixing

1. Make the composition of the billet uniform, and the brickmaking material of unit volume contains the same composition and granularity.

2. Grinding the edges and corners of coarse grains to improve the moulding performance of brick-making materials.

3. Guarantee that no crushing, segregation or adhesives occur, thus forming a regular shape, precise size, good density brick.

Light burnt magnesia powder