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Application of Pre-homogenization of Light-burned Magnesium Powder

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Application of Pre-homogenization of Light-burned Magnesium Powder

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Usage of pre-homogenization of light-burned magnesia powder:

Firstly, it is well known that when calcining magnesite in a reflective kiln, because of the different size of the block, in a limited calcination time (2-3h), coupled with the fluctuation of calcination temperature, magnesite will inevitably produce Underburning and overburning, so the composition of the lightly calcined powder will not be the same.

Secondly, most of the ore resources are not mined in zones or in combination, which results in the fluctuation of ore composition. The magnesia content and active magnesia content in the calcined powder fluctuate greatly, leading to the inconsistency of composition.

Thirdly, most light burning powder manufacturers, after the satin burning of magnesite ore, do not have enough time to ripen the oven, and directly carry out Raymond grinding powder, then directly pack, which also results in inconsistent composition of light burning powder.

The quality and composition of light burning powder used nowadays are not only different from different manufacturers, but also different batches of the same manufacturer or even the same products. The quality of magnesium oxychloride products produced by the same manufacturer is very unstable. Especially if the content of light burning powder is not detected continuously, it will inevitably lead to the excess or insufficiency of coagulation coordinator MgCI2. Magnesium oxychloride products are returned to halogen and frost. Therefore, the quality stability of light burnt powder is the key to the quality of magnesium oxychloride products.

Pre-homogenization of light-burning powder is an important means to stabilize the composition and quality of light-burning powder.

Light burnt magnesia powder