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Light burnt magnesia powder lifts up the backbone of economic development

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Light burnt magnesia powder lifts up the backbone of economic development

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Light burnt magnesia powder lifts up the backbone of economic development

On the road of sustainable development, Dashiqiao City puts the sustainable development of light-burned magnesia powder on an important position, makes full use of its own advantages, adheres to scientific and technological innovation as the guide, formulates development plans scientifically, encourages technological innovation, improves guiding policies, implements major projects, optimizes development environment, and promotes industrial technological progress and development, thus realizing the transformation from resource advantage to economic advantage. Change of potential. Magnesium industry accounts for more than 60% of the evaluation indicators of Approved National Sustainable Development Experimental zones.

As one of the world's four major magnesia deposits, Magnesium Capital of China is renowned for its rich magnesium resources. How to transform this unique resource advantage into an economic advantage is the main direction for Dashiqiao City to establish a national sustainable development experimental zone. Therefore, the sustainable development strategy of magnesium industry based on resource advantages is the first to be implemented.

Constructing scientific and technological innovation system of light-burned magnesia powder industry with the technical advantages characterized by the combination of production, teaching and research

Dashiqiao Municipal Committee and Municipal Government also encourage enterprises to introduce and train high-level scientific and technological innovative talents, set up enterprises or school-enterprise cooperative scientific research institutions, strengthen international technological and economic exchanges and cooperation, and comprehensively upgrade the technical equipment level of magnesium industry. At present, more than 150 foreign-funded enterprises in Britain, Germany, Russia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions have settled in "China Magnesium Capital". Magnesium material industry has embarked on the road of international development, and its intensive processing capacity has reached the advanced international level. It can automatically monitor ultra-high temperature tunnel kiln, intelligent handling manipulator, hydraulic brick making machine, fully automatic CNC magnesia-carbon brick production line and 10,000 tons of hydraulic press, etc. The equipment level of processing and production equipment ranks first-class in the world.

Light burnt magnesia powder