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Use and main content of mid-grade magnesia

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Use and main content of mid-grade magnesia

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Medium grade magnesia use?

There are two main specifications of medium grade magnesia, one is 94%, the other is 95%. The medium grade magnesia is mainly used in metallurgical field to make metallurgical powder to join furnace bottom and furnace wall, to make mud spray lining, to make magnesia brick and magnesia chrome brick. Besides being used as furnace lining of furnace bottom, it is also widely used in electric steelmaking furnace, heating furnace, non-ferrous metal blowing furnace and rotary furnace, as well as in production. High quality raw materials for magnesia refractory products.

Medium grade magnesia

What are the main contents of mid-grade magnesia?

Medium-grade magnesia is mainly 94% and 95% in content. Medium-grade magnesia is produced from light-burned magnesia with 97% MgO content by pressing ball and calcining in high temperature shaft kiln. The product has good sintering degree and dense crystallization. It is a high quality raw material for producing medium-grade magnesia refractory products.