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Light burnt magnesia powder promotes economic development

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Light burnt magnesia powder promotes economic development

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On the road of economic development, light-burned magnesia powder occupies an important position, makes full use of its own advantages, adheres to scientific and technological innovation as the guide, formulates development plans scientifically, encourages technological innovation, improves guiding policies, implements major projects, optimizes development environment, and promotes industrial technological progress and development, thus realizing the optimization of resources. The transition from potential to economic advantage.

As one of the world's four major magnesia deposits, the magnesia capital of China is well-known for its abundant resources and its international reputation. How does the magnesia capital of China transform this unique resource advantage into an economic advantage?

Light burnt magnesia powder

In promoting the development of magnesium industry, through the combination of production, education and research, the sustainable development of magnesium industry can be achieved. Dashiqiao Municipal Committee and Municipal Government have established comprehensive scientific and technological cooperation with more than 10 colleges and universities, including Beijing University of Science and Technology, Beijing General Institute of Iron and Steel Research, Dalian University of Technology and Northeast University. Xu Jinwu, President of Beijing University of Science and Technology, Qu Zhenyuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of China Agricultural University, Ou Jinping, Duan Xue, academician of China Academy of Engineering, etc. Eleven experts are strategic advisors to Dashiqiao Municipal Government on science and technology development, and together with Northeast University, a magnesia material research institute has been established to actively build a technology cooperation platform and technology transfer platform for enterprises. At present, 240 enterprises in Dashiqiao City have established long-term technical cooperation relations with universities, research institutes and large enterprise groups at home and abroad, of which 168 are in the production, teaching and Research Alliance of magnesia materials.