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Introduction and Application of Light Burned Magnesium Powder

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Introduction and Application of Light Burned Magnesium Powder

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1. Subject content and scope of application

This standard stipulates the technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marks, packaging, transportation, storage and quality certificate of light-burned magnesia powder.

This standard is suitable for light burnt magnesia powder used in papermaking, chemical industry, building materials, rubber, ceramics, animal husbandry and manufacturing magnesia.

2 Reference Criteria

GB 5069 Magnesium Refractories Chemical Analysis Method

General Regulations on Packaging, Marking and Quality Certificate of Metallurgical and Mineral Products GB 5689

3 Classification

Light burnt magnesia powder can be divided into nine grades according to chemical composition: QM-96, QM-95, QM-94, QM-92, QM-90, QM-87, QM-85, QM-80 and QM-75.

4 Technical Requirements

5 test methods

5.1 Chemical analysis was carried out according to GB 5069.

5.2 Particle size was determined by international standard sieving test, i.e. 120 meshes and 100 meshes were tested by international standard sieving test with aperture of 0.125 mm and 0.15 mm, respectively.

Light burnt magnesia powder

6 Test Rules

6.1 The weight of each batch of finished product is less than 120 t.

6.2 Samples for particle size determination should be sampled before group batches, and samples for chemical analysis should be sampled after group batches. Samples were taken in small bags (25kg) for every 20 bags and in large bags (1000kg).

After fully mixing the obtained particle size samples, the particle size was determined by point sampling of 10-20g. The mixed samples were reduced to 200 g and sent to the laboratory for analysis.

6.3 If a chemical composition is unqualified or abnormal, double quantity of samples will be re-examined in the same batch of products, and the re-examination results will be the final inspection results of the batch of products.

7 Signs, Packaging, Transportation, Storage and Quality Certificate

7.1 When finished products are stored, they must be kept in a non-damp warehouse.

7.2 The finished transport equipment must be kept clean and equipped with rain and snow proof facilities. It must be strictly protected from dampness and pollution during transportation.