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Introduce the Use of Alkaline Magnesium Oxide Products by Reburned Magnesium Sand Manufacturers

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Introduce the Use of Alkaline Magnesium Oxide Products by Reburned Magnesium Sand Manufacturers

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Alkaline magnesia is mainly divided into three types: light burning magnesia, heavy burning magnesia, medium-grade magnesia and three types of magnesia. Different ore and production equipment are used to produce magnesia with different quality and application fields. The following manufacturers of heavy burning magnesia will introduce the differences among the six kinds of magnesia in detail for you.

1. Light-burning magnesia mainly uses 41%-47% high-quality Xiaohua magnesite ore, magnesite ore through light-burning reflection kiln, coal combustion produces gas through high-temperature calcination to produce ash blocks (semi-finished products) and then through Raymond machine crushing to 80 mesh, 100 mesh, 120 mesh, 150 mesh, 180 mesh, 200 mesh, 250 mesh, 300 mesh, 325 mesh. And so on. Usually the content of light-fired magnesia is between 60% and 95%. The main products of light-fired magnesia are feed, fertilizer, magnesium sulfate, well cover, thermal insulation board, fire protection board, art fence, door core board, composite thermal insulation board, firecracker fixing agent, chicken house, inorganic glass, magnesite tile, grinding wheel mould, artificial marble, rack chassis, magnesite. Ideal raw materials for products such as hairpin, solar biogas tank, ventilation pipeline, light partition board, vegetable greenhouse, building materials abrasives, ceramic brick floor powder, paper making, sewage treatment, steel slag, heating flue gas boiler desulfurization, power plant boiler desulfurization, etc.

Reburnt magnesia powder

2. Medium grade magnesia is made of over 92% light burnt magnesia as main raw material, fine grinding, ball pressing and sintering in high temperature shaft kiln. Usually the content of middle grade magnesium oxide is between 94.5% and 95.5%. The impurity content of middle grade magnesium oxide is low, the volume density is high, and the slag resistance is good. It is suitable for manufacturing medium grade magnesia bricks or magnesia amorphous refractories.

3. Magnesium magnesite with 46%-46.5% content is sintered in a vertical iron kiln. The content of MgO is high, usually the content of reburned magnesia is between 90 and 93%. It is the raw material for the production of ordinary magnesia brick and amorphous refractories.