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Market Analysis of Special Magnesium Oxide-Reburned Magnesium Powder

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Market Analysis of Special Magnesium Oxide-Reburned Magnesium Powder

Date:2017-07-31 author: click:

The demand for special magnesium oxide is concentrated on piezoelectric ceramics. The highest purity of magnesium oxide is over 99.5%. Many domestic companies such as Sichuan and Shanghai produce piezoelectric ceramics. Aluminum Canada, the world's top 500, is also looking for high-purity magnesium oxide. Reburnt magnesia manufacturer in functional ceramics special magnesium oxide other special requirements: particle size distribution, crystal structure, fineness, activity, heavy metals, whiteness, iron, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, etc. can be customized according to specific special requirements.

Reburnt magnesia powder

High purity, high activity and high fineness, such as magnesium oxide for electronic ceramics, should be the development direction of magnesium oxide in the future. The application of magnesium oxide in China is also developing towards refinement and specialization. Enterprises must have sufficient technical reserves to cope with the changing needs of the future market. Bohai magnesite company has always been in the forefront of the world in the production of high-end magnesium oxide. Long ago, it set up a magnesia research and development center with huge investment. It has been committed to the research and production of high-end magnesium oxide. So far, it has successfully developed a variety of products and applied them to more than 100 industries and more than 1800 households.