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Origin of magnesite from medium-grade magnesite manufacturer

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Origin of magnesite from medium-grade magnesite manufacturer

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There are two main causes of magnesite formation, one is exogenous origin, produced in sedimentary rocks: most of these layered clastic sedimentary rocks contain organic components from organisms. In other words, magnesite is formed by biological action under hypoxic conditions.

Secondly, it is formed in hydrothermal veins from medium to low temperature: magnesite is a gangue mineral formed after hydrothermal accumulation, which is common in metamorphic sedimentary rocks; in addition, magnesite may also occur in pegmatite.

The common associated minerals are quartz, pyrite, limonite, goethite, chalcopyrite, sphalerite, cryolite, galena, barite, calcite, dolomite and fluor. Ite) etc.

Medium grade magnesia

Because the crystalline structures of minerals are similar, they have many similar physical properties, including: belong to the tripartite system, (trigonal) - crystal type is mostly rhombohedral or scalenohedron, there are three groups of well-developed rhombohedral cleavage, transparent rhombohedral crystallization has double refraction, and so on. In fact, cations in mineral composition can completely replace each other to form a series of solid solutions, so the resolution between minerals may become more difficult.